Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In Sweden we have something called "Systembolaget"

Min aussie kompis P kommer over fran London och halsar pa over helgen. Pratade men honom i mandagskvall om vad han ska ha med sig (vi ska ut till Stugan och sa har han nagra ideer om att vi ska padla kajak).
Me: And bring your swimming trunks!
P: Isn't it a bit too cold to go swimming?
Me: It's summer in Sweden - it's not a question about temperature, you just swim!

Sen erbjod han sig att ta med nagra flaskor vin & whiskey for helgen
Me: And how were you going to manage that? (Kom ihag att han flyger fran Hethrow, da man inte kan ta vatska genom sakerhetskontrollen) And by the way, you're not allowed duty-free within the EU.
P: Right... Well, why don't we pick some stuff up on our way to your country house? (Han landar pa Arlanda runt tio pa kvallen)
Me: *skrattar hysteriskt* This is Sweden, we have monopoly stores, they close at 6pm on Fridays!
P: Eh, right...
Me: Don't worry, I'll take care of the booze

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